Size: 5,600 sq. ft. (Retail Branch)
Client: Scotiabank
Architect/Designer: Durtra Architect Inc.
Electrical Engineer: Spline Group
Mechanical Engineer: Spline Group
Construction Type: Ultra-Fast Track – Two-Week Shutdown Renovation
Contract Type: Construction Management

Clairfield was Scotiabank’s first Ultra-Fast Track project. This two-week branch closure was designed to complete renovations in compliance with federal regulations for financial institutions.

The Scotiabank Clairfield project involved over 40 skilled trades onsite working double shifts with a total production of 18-20 hours per day for 11 days. The project included the complete demolition of the branch interior and a rebuild according to new Scotiabank Standards.

In addition to the renovations, the project was also comprised of furniture, computer, media, and ATM installations. The branch closed on day 1 and reopened for business on day 15.

About Our Ultra-Fast Track Projects

One of CCSL Group’s specialties is implementing Ultra-Fast Track renovation projects for financial institutions. While typical bank branch renovations are completed in phases, with schedules between 14-18 weeks, we are able to complete projects in much shorter time frames.

Our process involves significantly more planning than your typical renovation to ensure all work is completed on schedule and will comply with federal regulations that stipulate that retail branches can only be closed for 14 days.

Typical retail branch renovations have the downside of causing potential disruptions to normal bank operations on a day-to-day basis. The key advantage of our Ultra-Fast Track projects is that they eliminates disruption by compressing all the work into a 14-day window.